Jun 3, 2013

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 is All About Stamps, Money and Swarovski Crystal Mesh.


Mary Katrantzou used the theme of world history. She looked at postage stamps which transcend time and space as well as banknotes and their colors, patterns and images and all of the cultural significance that all of them have and created signature prints that she is known for. These prints were presented on white backgrounds and the silhouettes were clean with bold A-line dresses making a big statement.

The  gorgeous evening gowns were made from fabulous Swarovski crystal mesh\ that had been fused to silk brocade and printed in intricate patterns. A couple of trouser suits in navy and pearl were elegantly understated and had an adrogynous appeal yet looked glamorous.

Katrantzou's use of brocade integrated with Swarovski crystal mesh this season took her design abilities to a whole new level. A smart, intelligent designer who is constantly exploring, Katrantzou uses her keen eye and creativity to create masterful clothes and keeps her reputation as master of prints.

For this collection, she highly suggests not to look at the stamps or money in the collection but notice the colors, patterns and the prints and enjoy the beauty of it all. It is worth it. Full stop.

Mary Katrantzou

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