Jun 20, 2013

PRADA Spring/Summer 2013 Continues to Impress with Whimsy and Japan.

Miuccia Prada opted for creating a collection that spoke many words that she expressed through her designs over the year. Toughness and the poetic part  are the two characteristics of womanhood that she wanted to convey for this season. "I tried to mix them together, because this is mainly what women have to deal with in reality. The clothes are the expression of this impossible dream." Prada said before the show.

Prada has always offered the kind of clothes that are perfectly sublime in detail and whimsy done in perfect taste. This kind of fashion is what keeps the fantasy of fashion interesting and when the commercial aspect of it is mixed into that, then it is a wonderfully successful. Prada has brought both clothes to look at and clothes to wear together and came up with this collection that did both.

The shoes were stark and to the point of severity. The short black dress with an off-center panel decorated with two white long-stemmed flowers that looked drawn in chalk was the first out and looked like it was an ode to third grade art class making flower Pop art. But what followed after were a parade of similarly crafted pieces that were printed and appliqu├ęd with flowers providing sweet counterpart to austere shapes.

There were references to traditional Japanese kimonos, hakamas and footwear as well as lingerie which is a fascination of Prada. Color worked its way in: a dark green coat, a navy dress, splashes of red, then there were full on pastels, all icy pink, green and girly. Throughout the flowers changed without losing their clarity. 
This all looked beautiful, unfussy and quite clean. It was worth talking about and worth looking at but the prize would be that it would be utterly worth to wear these clothes. Wearable clothes are always Prada's goal and that is the Prada magic.


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