Jun 18, 2013

Peter Pilotto Spring 2013

There seems to be a competition among the designers of print in London and the design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos certainly met up with a challenge with a collection with 3-D embroideries, beading and cutouts to their digitally generated patterns.

The shapes were interesting with undulating peplums, tiered ruffles and jutting panierlike extensions on sleeves and skirts. It kept ones attention yet seemed to be a tad bit of balance. The collection was quite inventive and well executed. even though it was a bit heavy handed and busy. The simplest short dresses were great with short kimono like sleeves and graphic necklines that exalted the prints, rather than overwhelming them.

Pilotto and Vos definitely know how to cut a feminine clothes that are flattering and striking. In previous collections one can see that this is so. This time around they did the same but they only needed to find a balance. They can do this and I am sure they will. I always love seeing their collections because they are, in my eyes, stunning and I love the way they put prints together and make them work in all kinds of silhouettes. Peter Pilotto is worth viewing any season of the year. I recommend you view their collections as well, when you can. It is worth it.

Peter Pilotto

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