Apr 29, 2011

Blooming Flowers for Fall 2011!!

Flowers Flowers Flowers!

Giambattista Valli
Giorgio Armani

Flowers in the Fall?
Only in the fashion world is this possible.
Flowers are incorporated in many ways to put a smile on the worlds face.
Bold, suttle, abstract, big, small, you name it.
Pick your favorites to make you wardrobe bouquet beautiful.

Jil Sander
Miu Miu


Apr 27, 2011

Is a John Galliano Comeback possible?

We saw, heard and read that Christian Dior SA terminated Galliano from his post as Dior's creative director. Then, last week at a board meeting of the John Galliano company, his employment was officially terminated. Christian Dior SA owns 91 percent of the Galliano house and there has been some interest in buying the business. And now on May 12, Galliano is going to stand trial on a charge of public insult at the High Court in Paris. The question that everyone is asking lately is, can Galliano come back and claim his place in the fashion world? It is a very good question because it is an unpredictable one.

I think the fashion world wants him back on a certain level. A yearning for his creative genious is still present. Business wise I am not sure if retailers would carry his clothes and want to be linked with someone who invoked Hitler. Some pulled his clothes off the racks and others are waiting to see what happes to Galliano.
But from my observation, the people in the fashion industry have short term memories. For exmple, Naomi Campbell was convicted of assault and did time doing community service only to come out of a garage runway style wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress and ending up in W magazine. And then there is Kate Moss for doing coke and from that resulting in her loosing ad campaigns only to start her own line and modeling for Fendi and Topshop and most recently ending up on the cover of British Harper's Bazzar looking amazing. All I can say about this is, let's see what happens with Galliano.

John Galliano

When someone hits rock bottom the only way is up. And if one realizes and admits, in that moment, that they are powerless, then the process of healing begins and a  re-alignment to a wonderful universal power that has always excisted within is being re-established. When this happens there is something magnificent that takes over that completely brings a clarity and persists in the healing in the individual, and when it is in the hands of this great universal power, everything shifts and is restored and recovered into it's true nature and authenticity.

Who knows what Galliano felt when he lost everything. Maybe a mixture of regret, remorse, loss, sorrow, depression and so on. I would not even want to feel what he must have felt, because I have been there and I am sure some of you have been there one way or another. And believe me, it is certainly no picnic.
As Galliano continues to heal and makes his ammends to those he has harmed and continue to practice the principles of recovery then maybe there is a place reserved for him to be part of the fashion world again.

According to WWD there is a list called
"Steps to John Galliano's Potential Redemption".
The folowing steps on this list are: Clinic Stay. Apology. Charitable contribution to Jewish cause or organizations. Brilliant work to display his talent and contribution to the fashion industry. Time.

Not a bad list.

Apr 20, 2011

Paris Hometown Girl, Bouchra Jarrar and her Haute Couture Spring 2011 Collection

I could not put my finger why Bouchra Jarrar reminded me of Chanel. Not that she looks like Chanel and nothing compares to Chanel, but Jarrar has got something to offer and it sure is not braids and tweeds like Chanel. I realized it is because Jarrar's collection was simple, elegant, beautiful, minimal and most importantly, wearable.

Bouchra Jarrar

After studying fashion in Paris, Bouchra Jarrar designed jewellery for Jean Paul Gaultier, followed by working at Balenciaga as the studio director and as the right hand man of Nicolas Ghesquiere for 10 years. Her marvelous voice of fashion is expressed through her designs. She has shown only three Couture collections and has created a buzz that is ongoing today in the fashion world.

Bouchra Jarrar's Spring Haute Couture 2011 collection was based on her love for asymmetry. The precision cut and tailoring produced high quality clothes that made a statement. The piping along the edges of some garments and around the slashes were absolutely sublime.The piping seems to be a signature of Jarrar's. Any piece in this collection is highly worth while to have in a wardrobe because of its haute minimalism and its timeless design and style.
Bouchra Jarrar strongly demonstrated that Haute Couture is not only about extravagant designing and fantasy, but that it is also about creating high quality wearable garments that are timeless and that emphasizes high fashion at its best. Not bad for a hometown girl from Paris.

Bouchra Jarrar

Apr 16, 2011

A Splendor in Haute Couture. Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Spring 2011.

I think that Stéphane Rolland needs more press attention because his clothes are truly amazing and are something to offer to Haute Couture. I also wondered why nobody ever considered picking his designs for red carpet events. What a statement they make! How glorious they look! What elegance they display! Yes, I am gushing and being a bit dramatic. And...I mean it....

Stéphane Rolland studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Balenciaga recognized his talent and hired him when he was 20 to work on the menswear collection. One year later he was promoted to Creative Director. At 24, he started his own prêt-à-porter line and it sold in 80 boutiques and department stores worldwide. Later, Stéphane Rolland wanted to try something new and it was Haute Couture. He happened to find a place which was Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture and felt right at home. After being at the helm at Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture for 10 years, Stéphane Rolland opened his Couture House on July 2nd, 2007 with his first show under his own name.

Stéphane Rolland
His Spring Couture Collection 2011 is a burst of high fashion radiation that flowed from his creative mind into the world. The collection had a modern, minimal opulence that demonstrated his captivating imagination.
I was tickled by all of the amazing silhouettes that displayed the perfect artistry that were emphasized  by the  knowledge and mastery of the hands of couture and construction.  There were beautiful necklines and dramatic shoulders. Extravagant gowns with dramatic tails and billowy, flowing sensual gowns, glided down the runway, commanding attention. The color palette is warm with orange and mustard with a splash of brown. Draping and pleating were some of the signatures for this spring as well as gold being the thread throughout the collection. You will see some of this gold especially in the white group and black group of dresses. And of course the right touch of embroidery and beading punctuated the designs with perfection. Wait until you see the jumpsuit for the finale. It made quite a spectacular statement.
Check out this splendor of Haute Couture and let it take your breath away.
Stéphane Rolland

Apr 12, 2011

Now for Spring Haute Couture 2011. Starting with Alexis Mabille.

I know. I know.......
You are probably thinking why I am writing about the Spring Haute Couture Collections right now. I just could not resist. I know it is old news for some, but why not indulge in the world of Couture as Spring unfolds in front of us? The leaves and flowers are blooming like crazy and I am sure that people have already begun to wear their couture. I figured, why not have fun and enjoy writing about the Haute Couture Collections of 2011? Besides, since I started this blog in April, just weeks after the couture shows, I did not have the chance to write about them and have fun doing it! I hope you all have an itch to want to escape into the world of Haute Couture just for the time being.

Alexis Mabille

 The first Haute Couture Collection I wanted to write about is that of Alexis Mabille.
His concept this spring season is all about mirror images. Each outfit that was made in white had its reflection made in different fabrics and colors. Mabille is a wonderful young designer who created a collection that had a subtle psychological story to tell through his simple and elegant designs. In this case, the light and the dark, or shall I say the colorful.
One thing for sure is that we all have a light and dark, and yes, a colorful side to ourselves. The trick is to embrace all of it and to love all of it. And in this collection there is so much to embrace. The elegant dresses are cut and draped with obvious precision. The lace, the bows, the fine embroidery and beading were details to add special touches to the designs. Even though the designs looked beautifully simple, I know that there is no doubt that there was a lot of technical thought and effort used to create this charming collection.
Take a look.

Alexis Mabille
Printemps/Eté 2011

Apr 8, 2011

Transparent Network

When feeling seductive, edgy or sexy with the touch of class,
elegance or sophistication,
the choices for being transparent are many this fall/winter season.
A veil between the skin and the world is intriguing .
Don't you think?


 Temperly London

Emanuel Ungaro


Apr 6, 2011

Carven. A luxury brand growing beautifully!

Whenever there is an attempt to revive a label that has been asleep for decades I get weary because the label either goes out of business after a couple of seasons or it simply does not pan out. However, in the past there have been some successes such as Chanel, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Lanvin to name a few.
The first Carven store just opened on rue Saint Suplice in Saint Germaine de Prés.

Photo by Jean Ettiene

Madame Carven Mallet opened her House in 1945. While not letting the conventions of fashion and design at that time influence her, she designed with great freedom. Her spontaneous creative expression is apparent and simply luxe. Her designs were easily perfect and accessible for the daily woman in Paris and around the world at that time.

One of Carven's first designs

After being asleep for many years, the House of Carven woke up and is wide awake and alive, carrying beautiful, modern clothes that are created by Guillaume Henry. After working for Givenchy and Paula Ka, Henry became the creative director and oversees all creative aspects of the House. He breathed new life into Carven and after two years, the label has been pricking up the ears of the fashion world and the momentum of attention is increasing rapidly as it continues to reestablish itself as a luxury brand.

Guillaume Henry

The Fall 2011 collection was a wonderful mixture of every technique in tailoring and dressmaking. What Henry did with every fabric and technique was to create a party of innovative and strong, elegant and contemporary designs for anyone who is a connoisseur of fashion, to own in their private archives. The workmanship and the genious of the hands that constructed these designs will be truly appreciated by the eyes and bodies of any woman around the world.
Carven is a name of luxury that is lucky to have a wonderful designer like Guillaume Henry at the creative helm. I trust that his vision is appreciated and that everyone is looking forward to seeing more of Carven.


Apr 1, 2011

Pants Phenomenon

Wonderful ideas for pants sprinkled the runways for the 2011 Fall/Winter season.
Fitted, wide, tailored, cropped, and more, will  be wonderful additions
to building a full fledged, fashionable wardrobe.


Jason Wu