Oct 26, 2012

Zac Posen Fall 2012 is touching Luxury.

One of the best fall collections for fall/winter is Zac Posen. He designed beautiful and dramatic clothes that were stunning in craftsmanship and details. It also celebrated the appreciation of the female body and by adorning it with these creations it magnified the beauty of the woman.
This was done with a fascination of the chinoiserie and Japan.

Short dresses, evening gowns and evening suits came in red, gold, jewel tones and neutral tones. Beautiful floral jacquards and wonderful obi sashes were added to give a fantastic Eastern touch. The entire collection has a luxurious air and cannot help but radiate a splendorous elegance.

This was all because of the Posen signature silhouettes which were the peplum waisted tops and jackets, the sharp tailoring, super slim waists and the mermaid gowns of which stunning bodices were built of fabulous seams and detail work. When things are pared down this is when Posen is truly at his best. He is a great talent and is more grounded in his design process and because of this the results are beautiful.

Zac Posen
Fall 2012 

Betsy Johnson Fall 2012 is Mod and Fun!

An early Sixties era video clip of screaming girls on the tarmac as they awaited for the arrival of the Fab Four opened the show. The lit up "BETSEYMANIA"was the background and the line up was all a playful Carnaby Street inspired collection that only Betsey Johnson can do best.

Skinny herring bone suits, maxi dresses, psychedelic prints, boyish coats and mini skirts, fluffy faux fur were some of the examples of this tour of the golden age of this famous street.

There were the true Johnson vintage touches such as the bouffant wallpaper-print mini dress and the straight forward mod looks looked like true Betsy through and through. There were some great down-to-earth pieces, like a cropped motorcycle jacket made from  pink-flecked ivory boucle and a pair of wide-leg, low-rise trousers. The go-go looks were glam and modern and the final look which was a hot fuchsia dress that clung and fit in all the right places was a great ending note to the show.

Betsey Johnson's shows are always worth looking forward too because they are energetic and fun just like the essence that dwells within her.

Betsey Johnson

Oct 24, 2012

Vera Wang Fall 2012. Subtle Edge in Elegance.

In the program notes there was a sentence that said "Opposites...are revealed in grey." What does this statement mean? It was a bit confusing. Gray was pretty much mixed into a lot of black, vibrant orange and nude. There were some blue in the mix as well.

Vera Wang is a designer who always has a vision  that stimulates the fashion palette of any woman who desires modern elegance in style and fashion. 
Last season Wang offered so much transparency that was a bit unpractical to wear, whereas this season there is a sense of wearable practicality. She makes them in wonderful artful configurations and matches them up with quite impressive outerwear, opening in beige wool, moving into charcoal. This ranged from sleeveless coat to a more feminine cape jacket. The contrast of vibrant tangerine with pale chiffons were great contrasts.

The beautiful Dutch blue chiffon and organza gowns with crystal mesh embellishments and the architectural prints on languid silks were a great mixture of hard and soft. There were some looks that had a lot going on such as the peculiar abdominal froth looks. Other looks were just perfect with the elements of strength and beauty with a gentle sophisticated quality.
Vera Wang expresses a wonderful stream of femininity which has a subtle edge that never compromises the elegance. Excellent.
Vera Wong

Oct 23, 2012

Rodarte Fall 2012 is Australia.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy's take on Australia is not the kind that is all about the surfing of Bondi or the monumental and stately curves of the opera house, but it was all about the more romantic and distant past as the sisters have informed. "We had a huge story to tell about the history and the landscape and the way we viewed where everything came from there," said Laura postshow. Here they did a wonderful job at creating a collection that had the most amazing creative intelligence that they are known for and yet maintaining a commercial quality to feed the commercial end of the business and it all worked out brilliantly.

The rich dusty blue blues and rust tones of arid Australia colored the clothes beginning with the soft circle skirts and the cropped blouses with dolman sleeves. They reflected the the homely innocence of the Thirties. There was the Outback as well that played a part. The rugged terrain played a part in the Mulleavys creative process bringing forth outstanding fisherman sweaters and patchwork of aviator shearlings, which are now having a moment this instant and I am certain they will be in a store near you this season. This leather work continued into sheaths nipped in the waist and sporting Aboriginal patterns that moved the line up in an edgier direction. One of the elegant features of the collection were the perfect Victorian-inspired gowns that came in hand printed tiered chiffon and loose columns and black lace collars connected with tulle for a strapless effect.
Rodarte is truly a brand that takes creativity to a whole great intelligent level.


Oct 19, 2012

Badgley Mischka Fall 2012

Badgley Mischka offers a mixture of sparkle and modern elegance. The stunning gold dress with the beaded shoulders and low back really set the tone for the collection. The gold is rich and laced throughout the collection. Little black dresses had accents of gold on the shoulders to add some shiny touches and black column dresses were touched by gold as well on the low back right above the bum. Peek-a-boo shoulders were quite right and quite sexy. Speaking of sexy, a long sleeved black evening gown, draped at the hip was slit up to here and a gold ensemble of a bodice and skirt were a couple of hot pieces.

Many jackets and coats with volume, short or simply tailored were matched with pants that were bell bottom or slim. Some other fabrics were liquid and velvet and were elegant and festive. Badgley Mischka as always present pieces for any special occasion and never forgets to make pieces that can go from day to evening. Of course their evening wear and cocktail dresses always impress because this time around they did some fabulous beading, cuts and feather work. How elegant! Never doubt their eye and their talent. They always deliver.


Sophie Theallet Fall 2012

Sophie Theallet envisioned aristocratic families who lost their fortune and stopped maintaining their castles. In a preview Theallet said that they still look beautiful and are continuing to live an elegant life. The result of this inspiration is translated into a faded notion of glamour. Turtle necks tucked under cocktail dresses, a one shouldered dress nipped in the waist, and brocade like patterns were some of the examples that made this collection elegant and showed the sophistication of Theallet's work for this fall/winter season. Couture like touches are her traits and will always show in any collection she designs and that is what she does best.