Feb 14, 2012

Creatures in the Wind Fall 2012

Creature in the Wind was inspired by The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies, a seventeenth-century book by the Scottish Episcopalian minister Robert Kirk in which he collected his parishioners' tales of the supernatural. Shane Gabier and Chris Peters picked up a runner-up prize from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund last November. They has been getting advice from all sides on how they can grow their business. This collection this time around is more accessible to everyone as for as the price tag is concerned and carries has the wonderful unique offbeat vision with no compromise.

Creatures in the Wind
Fall 2012

Jason Wu - A World of Being Chinese for Fall/Winter 2012-2013

The beautiful  red doors opened at the clash of the cymbals and out came a beautiful line up that Jason Wu created with a question of what Chinese is that he asked himself and projected his thoughts on the runway. He even said that this was an odd question for a Chinese person to ask.
There's the military China, which inspired the Mao jackets and shirts, as well as the army green and red palette of the sportswear that dominated the collection. The belted puffy jacket with armorlike quilting on the shoulders is destined to be a hit. There's the historical China of the Qing Dynasty, which informed the lushly opulent embroideries that Wu has made his calling card—that was shaved black mink embroidered onto the front of the epaulet dress that was the show's most winning piece. And there's the thirties and forties Hollywood version of China. "Inauthentic," the designer called it.
These are wonderful clothes that Jason Wu is offering for Fall/Winter 2012-2013 and definitely perfect for those who love his designs.

Jason Wu

Feb 9, 2012

BCBG Max Azaria Starts NYFW 2012 with Color Blocking.

BCBG Max Azaria starts New York Fashion Week with a collection full of color blocking. The silhouette is loose and the ingredients were soft fabrics, neutrals with terracotta, and black with bright colors. These mixtures were interesting. For sure a collection for any woman's body type and aimed towards comfort.

BCBG Max Azaria

Feb 3, 2012

Armani Prive Couture Ssssssssssspring 2012

After a little while as you look at the collection that Giorgio Armani designed you begin to get what the theme of the collection is. Just by looking at the sheer T-shirts underneath the jackets, the fine geometric mesh fabrics cut in shape of snakes' scales, this was a collection based on the idea of pythons, serpents, the textures and patterns of the reptile world. Just like Karl Lagerfeld did earlier in the Chanel collection, Armani did a similar thing. In this case the color is green. Poison green, teal green, deep green.
The beautiful pencil skirts with folded with volume or slim pants matched well with jackets nipped at the waist that were an emphasis of his line all made a sleek and modern statement for daywear. For evening there were slinky to voluminous styles that are fit for any glamour girl or any girl who wants to feel seductive and glamorous. All in the of the serpents for inspiration. There were  some Oscar worthy dresses here! I wonder who will wear his ssssssleek and sssssssssexy couture?

Armani Prive
HAute Couture

Feb 2, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier Honors Amy Winehouse with Spring Couture 2012.

Amy Winehouse's style and fashion flair inspired Jean Paul Gaultier to design a collection that is an addition to all the wonderful creative work he has done through out his career. Gaultier's collection offers everything from daywear to evening. The beautiful blacks garments that were a mixture of solid to transparent were sharp and clean. The corsets were perfect and sexy mixed with sexy lace. The mixture of colors were clever as always. He did well in really taking some elements to a couture level. This collection is really clever with a nice seductive undertone that showed a sense of femme fatale that Gaultier is known for. No fashion re-hab is needed here!

Jean Paul Gaultier
Haute Couture