Jun 28, 2011

Christian Dior Spring Couture 2011. Galliano's Last Collection.

For now I will not get into how Galliano started his career in fashion and where he is now after his day in court on June 22nd, 2011. I will most likely write something about that in the future. For now, just for this blog, I would only want to focus on this amazing collection he designed before his world turned upside down.

John Galliano began his haute couture career at Givenchy and then he was called to design for the house of Dior. I gather that Bernard Arnault saw the extraordinary talent that Galliano had that would be a fit for Christian Dior. I am sure that Monsieur Dior himself would approve the talented Galliano to design couture for the house.

Even though it has been a few months since the Christian Dior Spring Couture show, I have the itch to write about it because I think that this collection, the last one designed by John Galliano, was the most beautiful collection that he created for the house of Dior. It is as if he somehow knew, deep down inside, that he was going to step away and needed to design something outstanding to leave a stamp in the pages of fashion history. I believe he achieved this. I also believe that René Gruau would give a standing ovation.

Illustration by
René Gruau

A tribute to René Gruau was projected through these amazing unique pieces that were displayed so elegantly. Every single resource was used to create these exquisite clothes that were each in their own way breath taking. The accessories added perfect touches. Galliano did a great job in evoking Gruau's brush strokes, colors and even drawing techniques like the shading in his designs.

Photo by
Eric Martin

Out of this favorite Dior collection of mine I have some favorites. But I want you to have a look and see what your favorites are! Take a look. You will be amazed and mesmerized.

Christian Dior Haute Couture
Spring 2011
Part 1

Christian Dior Haute Couture
Spring 2011
Part 2

Jun 15, 2011

Chanel Spring Couture 2011. A touch of Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld is the ultimate freelancing designer. For Chanel it seems as though he has been the channel of Coco and makes the brand look modern, classic, and edgy, if that makes sense. With Lagerfeld in the creative helm since 1983, the House of Chanel has been quite a presence in the fashion world today as it has been in the past. Today Chanel still continues to be a name that will forever be a classic.

Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld's inspiration for Chanel's Spring 2011 Couture Collection is artist Marie Laurencin. In 1923 she designed Les Biches, a ballet commissioned by Diaghlev with a scenario by Cocteau. The lightness and transparent like clothes were whispers of inspiration that were washed in beautiful light pastels and dipped in crystals, beads and sequins. The classic tweed suits were made with a twist, with an updated silhouette that is perfect for today's fashion. The dominant element in the collection were the skinny pants done in all fabrics and textures. When the show was over the curtains and mirror were raised and the entire collection was displayed on the mock up of the mirrored stairs of the house of Chanel where Coco would discreetly sit and watch her collection presentation.

CHANEL Couture
Spring 2011

The passion that Karl Lagerfeld has for Chanel is always greatly expressed
and the result is just delightful.
All resources that can be thought of is always used
to create these beautiful couture collections.
I love that the legend of Chanel goes on and on and on.
Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld!

Spring 2011

Jun 10, 2011

The Brilliance of Armani Privé Spring 2011 Haute Couture

Giorgio Armani is a fashion force full good taste and quality. People reach out and want to experience it.
From window dressing, becoming a buyer for a men's department, designing for Nino Ceruti and freelancing, Armani is a designer with a vast amount of design and marketing experience under his belt.
Ever since 2005 his Armani Privé presentations have been a showcase of craftsmanship mastered by the wonderful hands of his atelier. And I enjoy watching this feast of luxurious Armani quality every season!

Giorgio Armani

The Spring 2011 Couture Collection was an unexpected stimulation of fashion brilliance. When I first saw this collection, I about fell out of my chair. The amazing innovative glamorous and modern collection zapped me. Mesmerizing me and keeping my attention each time a model came out and walked down the runway. I looked forward to this entire collection.

Pre-Show Armani Privé
Haute Couture
Spring 2011

The wonderful cuts of the jackets, the slim legging like pants under wonderful sculpted dresses, fantastic evening gowns, molded in wonderful architectural silhouettes, are all must haves. Almost every outfit was punctuated with a shiny disc hat, a perfect touch. Fabrics were all shiny and the accessories were to live for.
The last three bedazzling dresses that were bejeweled, dripped and encrusted in the most sparkling gems and rhinestones, all gave a wonderful fashion orgasm at the end of the show.

I have no complaints about this collection, whatsoever.

Armani Privé
Spring 2011

Jun 7, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier and his enfant terrible Spring Couture 2011 Collection

In the 80's I remember that Gaultier was called the enfant terrible. And rightfully so. Gaultier's designs back then were inspired by pop culture and the street. They were infused with his ingenious touches that were delightful to the eye. Back then I loved his collections and every season I always looked forward to his presentations. The anticipation for his collections is still there and I am never disappointed.

 Gaultier never had any formal training in design. He has worked for Pierre Cardin as an assistant. Eventually he went to Jean Patou and there he suggested to give each assistant a chance to design a collection for a season. The house said that it would be a bit expensive. Well, years later he opened Gaultier Paris, his own couture line.

Jean Paul Gaultier

The Spring Haute Couture 2011 collection that Gaultier offered is a wonderful parade of sophisticated looking women with mohawks pinned in their hair projecting strength, independence and sophistication for the modern world today. This collection is very Parisian. The suits that went down the runway made it quite clear that there are many to choose from and I think that some clients had a hard time choosing. His signature details were not left out. You can see them on showstoppers such as the white and navy striped organza evening dress, a white pant suit with the hour glass jacket, and trench coat influences were seen on some jackets and remarkable dresses. A black beaded halter jumpsuit that looked transparent, had no trouble sparkiling and was seductively breath taking.
All I can say is that this collection designed by an enfant terrible was not terrible at all!

Jean Paul Gaultier