Sep 15, 2012

Stéphane Rolland is Exquisite for Fall/Winter Couture 2012-2013

Stéphane Rolland delivered another beautiful collection filled with exquisite fabrics, shapes and craftsmanship that was a foundation to the crisp clean looks that walked down the runaway. Dramatic capes were main features in the collection. They were ranging from the Zorro-like floor sweeper on a chic black wool trouser suit with a plunging neckline, to yards of silk or chiffon billowing in the wake of softly draped evening gowns tufted with tiny feathers.

A white column number decorated with crystals on the cap of the sleeves radiated power and elegance. Every season Rolland offers designs that are extraordinary and modern that will make any woman feel elegant, sexy and powerful. There is an irresistible pull that these garments have because they are gorgeous and truly speak for themselves.
Rolland has succeeded once again fulfilling his promise as a talented and an extraordinary designer.

Stéphane Rolland
Haute Couture

Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2012-13

Regal colors and silhouettes dominated. The first group that was a combination of black and navy were absolutely classy and elegant. Throughout there was a commitment of displaying true regal elegance with subdued colors.

Luxurious fabrics such as knits combined with feather and fur details blurred the line between traditional day and eveningwear, and had a modern flexibility. For example, a turtleneck sweater was sewn with broadtail details on the front and worn with an embroidered wool pencil skirt, and a wispy embroidered silk dress peaked out from under a cozy melange knit coat. There were a number of beautiful gowns with full skirts that were done in modern ways that maintained the Carolina Herrera signature. Abstract prints by artist Joe Duke were painted onto fabrics that were a bit too much and some of these pieces seem to be out of place in the line up.

The finale dress was stunning. Its ample wide and full skirt and cinched in waist accented by a black belt proudly closed the show reminding all those present Carolina Herrera's flair for glamorous, regal and classic modern creativity.

Carolina Herrera

Sep 14, 2012

Solid Theyskens' Theory Fall/Winter 2012-13.

A solid and strong collection this time around by Theykens. There was sophistication and glamour to the casual sportswear with looks such as the gold tweed coats and jackets that displayed the strong tailoring skills, as well as the ombré effects on denim and velvet. Some black leather jackets, skirts and shorts gave some wonderful tough yet soft touches in the line up that worked well together with the coats and sweaters.
The evening pieces were romantic and elegant. Clinging beautifully on the body they had an ease and beauty that was reminiscent to the work he did at Nina Ricci.and Rochas. Theyskens' Theory is wonderful this season and very accessible and will make anyone feel beautiful, modern and sophisticated.

Theyskens' Theory

Romantic Mood at Thakoon for Fall 2012

It was surprising to see Thakoon Pachigul playing with some prime shapes and silhouettes this fall season which some were short, straight and had three-quarter length sleeves. The models were done up in messy french twists and lips that matched the shades of romance and passion in the clothes that were vibrant (magenta, fuchsia, and cherry red - like the colors of the heart). Pachigul said "I was feeling a bit more romantic. It's charming in an old school way, like romantic New York." He is in the mood for love.
There was a subtle feel of sexuality through the collection. Some shiny crinkled dresses were a representation of the daring. A camel coatdress that looked plain and proper had a purple leopard-printed pony collar and an openwork leather basket weave in back. A black halter pantsuit with a low revealing back made a sexy point. This was one of the chic understatements in his collection.
This collection was romantic just like Pachigul was feeling and it was enjoyable.


Sep 8, 2012

Donna Karan Fall 2012 is Irresistably Tailored.

Donna Karan created a magnificent fall collection that is irresistible. It was a collection that was structured, clean, architectural and feminine. She returned to glam this fall creating power dressing that also exuded sexiness and femininity.

Plenty of tailoring was included in addition to many pinstripes. Karan incorporated her signature asymmetric details in the mix - half collars side draping, off kilter slits - and she had the nerve (in a good way) to revive the wide shoulders. Fedoras by Stephen Jones that had a "cubist" asymmetric appeal were the finishing touches to these looks. Evening had some fresh looks, from a full on black beaded jacket and skirt ensemble was quite a show stopper as well as a strapless beaded metal gray dress that just hits the spot. Enjoy this splendor of what is to come this fall and winter by Donna Karan!.

Donna Karan