Sep 14, 2012

Romantic Mood at Thakoon for Fall 2012

It was surprising to see Thakoon Pachigul playing with some prime shapes and silhouettes this fall season which some were short, straight and had three-quarter length sleeves. The models were done up in messy french twists and lips that matched the shades of romance and passion in the clothes that were vibrant (magenta, fuchsia, and cherry red - like the colors of the heart). Pachigul said "I was feeling a bit more romantic. It's charming in an old school way, like romantic New York." He is in the mood for love.
There was a subtle feel of sexuality through the collection. Some shiny crinkled dresses were a representation of the daring. A camel coatdress that looked plain and proper had a purple leopard-printed pony collar and an openwork leather basket weave in back. A black halter pantsuit with a low revealing back made a sexy point. This was one of the chic understatements in his collection.
This collection was romantic just like Pachigul was feeling and it was enjoyable.


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