Sep 15, 2012

Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2012-13

Regal colors and silhouettes dominated. The first group that was a combination of black and navy were absolutely classy and elegant. Throughout there was a commitment of displaying true regal elegance with subdued colors.

Luxurious fabrics such as knits combined with feather and fur details blurred the line between traditional day and eveningwear, and had a modern flexibility. For example, a turtleneck sweater was sewn with broadtail details on the front and worn with an embroidered wool pencil skirt, and a wispy embroidered silk dress peaked out from under a cozy melange knit coat. There were a number of beautiful gowns with full skirts that were done in modern ways that maintained the Carolina Herrera signature. Abstract prints by artist Joe Duke were painted onto fabrics that were a bit too much and some of these pieces seem to be out of place in the line up.

The finale dress was stunning. Its ample wide and full skirt and cinched in waist accented by a black belt proudly closed the show reminding all those present Carolina Herrera's flair for glamorous, regal and classic modern creativity.

Carolina Herrera

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