Jan 19, 2015

Martin Margiela Haute Couture Spring 2015 by John Galliano

After such anticipation of the Martin Margiela Haute Couture Spring 2015 collection designed by John Galliano, the fashion world put its sense of anticipation to rest.The house is know for not revealing or saying who is behind all the designing for the house. That the designer or designers remain nameless. Now, the whole world now knows who is behind all that is being created now and moving forward. Thanks to the announcement of John Galliano as its new creative director by Renzo Rosso, the Italian entrepreneur and president of OTB, which owns the house,

Martin Margiela is a brand that showcases Artisanal and unconventional methods to fashion and design. Galliano stepped in and brought forth some of his artistry and wit into his first collection for the house this Spring season. Galliano matched the spirit of Margiela into each and every single design that was presented. Deconstruction is a concept that Margiela is known for and Galliano played with it giving some fresh and artistic looks as a result. Adrogeny played a part in a black suit along with some simple red gowns which represented the minimalism that Margiela was known for. A red Mao collared velvet dress with a very daring low back was beautiful. It could make an entrance at a big event such as the Gala at the MET this spring or even at the awards season on the Red Carpet this year.

Humor is noticeable which was present in Margiella designs.  On a tiny suede sheath there were toy cars that went across the collaged landscape. Galliano used shells to make a three dimensional Arcimbo like faces on the front of dresses. Leopard print accents and a tiger print jacket were a representation of the flashy show girl side that the house is known for.

Galliano has found a new home. He is back doing what he has always loved to do. Everyone seems to be very pleased with what he has designed. People were crying at the end of the show. It is great that he has an opportunity to redeem himself in a way that is full of humility and gratitude and I am certain that he feels that way because he has a second chance. His bow at the end of the show was a quick second if not less than that. Yes, it is because the House of Margiela never had a designer come out and take a bow at the end but I also think he did it because it shows humility. This is way further from when he used to come out with extravagance and grandeur (which come to think of it was very full of ego).

Other than that, WELCOME BACK John Galliano!!! This was a job well done and I can't wait to see what you have in store in the coming years for the House of Margiela!!!