Feb 14, 2012

Jason Wu - A World of Being Chinese for Fall/Winter 2012-2013

The beautiful  red doors opened at the clash of the cymbals and out came a beautiful line up that Jason Wu created with a question of what Chinese is that he asked himself and projected his thoughts on the runway. He even said that this was an odd question for a Chinese person to ask.
There's the military China, which inspired the Mao jackets and shirts, as well as the army green and red palette of the sportswear that dominated the collection. The belted puffy jacket with armorlike quilting on the shoulders is destined to be a hit. There's the historical China of the Qing Dynasty, which informed the lushly opulent embroideries that Wu has made his calling card—that was shaved black mink embroidered onto the front of the epaulet dress that was the show's most winning piece. And there's the thirties and forties Hollywood version of China. "Inauthentic," the designer called it.
These are wonderful clothes that Jason Wu is offering for Fall/Winter 2012-2013 and definitely perfect for those who love his designs.

Jason Wu

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