Oct 24, 2012

Vera Wang Fall 2012. Subtle Edge in Elegance.

In the program notes there was a sentence that said "Opposites...are revealed in grey." What does this statement mean? It was a bit confusing. Gray was pretty much mixed into a lot of black, vibrant orange and nude. There were some blue in the mix as well.

Vera Wang is a designer who always has a vision  that stimulates the fashion palette of any woman who desires modern elegance in style and fashion. 
Last season Wang offered so much transparency that was a bit unpractical to wear, whereas this season there is a sense of wearable practicality. She makes them in wonderful artful configurations and matches them up with quite impressive outerwear, opening in beige wool, moving into charcoal. This ranged from sleeveless coat to a more feminine cape jacket. The contrast of vibrant tangerine with pale chiffons were great contrasts.

The beautiful Dutch blue chiffon and organza gowns with crystal mesh embellishments and the architectural prints on languid silks were a great mixture of hard and soft. There were some looks that had a lot going on such as the peculiar abdominal froth looks. Other looks were just perfect with the elements of strength and beauty with a gentle sophisticated quality.
Vera Wang expresses a wonderful stream of femininity which has a subtle edge that never compromises the elegance. Excellent.
Vera Wong

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