Oct 23, 2012

Rodarte Fall 2012 is Australia.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy's take on Australia is not the kind that is all about the surfing of Bondi or the monumental and stately curves of the opera house, but it was all about the more romantic and distant past as the sisters have informed. "We had a huge story to tell about the history and the landscape and the way we viewed where everything came from there," said Laura postshow. Here they did a wonderful job at creating a collection that had the most amazing creative intelligence that they are known for and yet maintaining a commercial quality to feed the commercial end of the business and it all worked out brilliantly.

The rich dusty blue blues and rust tones of arid Australia colored the clothes beginning with the soft circle skirts and the cropped blouses with dolman sleeves. They reflected the the homely innocence of the Thirties. There was the Outback as well that played a part. The rugged terrain played a part in the Mulleavys creative process bringing forth outstanding fisherman sweaters and patchwork of aviator shearlings, which are now having a moment this instant and I am certain they will be in a store near you this season. This leather work continued into sheaths nipped in the waist and sporting Aboriginal patterns that moved the line up in an edgier direction. One of the elegant features of the collection were the perfect Victorian-inspired gowns that came in hand printed tiered chiffon and loose columns and black lace collars connected with tulle for a strapless effect.
Rodarte is truly a brand that takes creativity to a whole great intelligent level.


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