Oct 26, 2012

Betsy Johnson Fall 2012 is Mod and Fun!

An early Sixties era video clip of screaming girls on the tarmac as they awaited for the arrival of the Fab Four opened the show. The lit up "BETSEYMANIA"was the background and the line up was all a playful Carnaby Street inspired collection that only Betsey Johnson can do best.

Skinny herring bone suits, maxi dresses, psychedelic prints, boyish coats and mini skirts, fluffy faux fur were some of the examples of this tour of the golden age of this famous street.

There were the true Johnson vintage touches such as the bouffant wallpaper-print mini dress and the straight forward mod looks looked like true Betsy through and through. There were some great down-to-earth pieces, like a cropped motorcycle jacket made from  pink-flecked ivory boucle and a pair of wide-leg, low-rise trousers. The go-go looks were glam and modern and the final look which was a hot fuchsia dress that clung and fit in all the right places was a great ending note to the show.

Betsey Johnson's shows are always worth looking forward too because they are energetic and fun just like the essence that dwells within her.

Betsey Johnson

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