Apr 12, 2011

Now for Spring Haute Couture 2011. Starting with Alexis Mabille.

I know. I know.......
You are probably thinking why I am writing about the Spring Haute Couture Collections right now. I just could not resist. I know it is old news for some, but why not indulge in the world of Couture as Spring unfolds in front of us? The leaves and flowers are blooming like crazy and I am sure that people have already begun to wear their couture. I figured, why not have fun and enjoy writing about the Haute Couture Collections of 2011? Besides, since I started this blog in April, just weeks after the couture shows, I did not have the chance to write about them and have fun doing it! I hope you all have an itch to want to escape into the world of Haute Couture just for the time being.

Alexis Mabille

 The first Haute Couture Collection I wanted to write about is that of Alexis Mabille.
His concept this spring season is all about mirror images. Each outfit that was made in white had its reflection made in different fabrics and colors. Mabille is a wonderful young designer who created a collection that had a subtle psychological story to tell through his simple and elegant designs. In this case, the light and the dark, or shall I say the colorful.
One thing for sure is that we all have a light and dark, and yes, a colorful side to ourselves. The trick is to embrace all of it and to love all of it. And in this collection there is so much to embrace. The elegant dresses are cut and draped with obvious precision. The lace, the bows, the fine embroidery and beading were details to add special touches to the designs. Even though the designs looked beautifully simple, I know that there is no doubt that there was a lot of technical thought and effort used to create this charming collection.
Take a look.

Alexis Mabille
Printemps/Eté 2011

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  1. Thanks for posting these clips. It's great to see the the environment, the sound, and most of all what the designer is intending.. Look books just don't have the same effect. You commentary sometimes his on something that I might have miss.. Good Eye "Eye On Couture"! Looking forward to more entertaining glances into the world of couture. Keep it coming!