Apr 27, 2011

Is a John Galliano Comeback possible?

We saw, heard and read that Christian Dior SA terminated Galliano from his post as Dior's creative director. Then, last week at a board meeting of the John Galliano company, his employment was officially terminated. Christian Dior SA owns 91 percent of the Galliano house and there has been some interest in buying the business. And now on May 12, Galliano is going to stand trial on a charge of public insult at the High Court in Paris. The question that everyone is asking lately is, can Galliano come back and claim his place in the fashion world? It is a very good question because it is an unpredictable one.

I think the fashion world wants him back on a certain level. A yearning for his creative genious is still present. Business wise I am not sure if retailers would carry his clothes and want to be linked with someone who invoked Hitler. Some pulled his clothes off the racks and others are waiting to see what happes to Galliano.
But from my observation, the people in the fashion industry have short term memories. For exmple, Naomi Campbell was convicted of assault and did time doing community service only to come out of a garage runway style wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress and ending up in W magazine. And then there is Kate Moss for doing coke and from that resulting in her loosing ad campaigns only to start her own line and modeling for Fendi and Topshop and most recently ending up on the cover of British Harper's Bazzar looking amazing. All I can say about this is, let's see what happens with Galliano.

John Galliano

When someone hits rock bottom the only way is up. And if one realizes and admits, in that moment, that they are powerless, then the process of healing begins and a  re-alignment to a wonderful universal power that has always excisted within is being re-established. When this happens there is something magnificent that takes over that completely brings a clarity and persists in the healing in the individual, and when it is in the hands of this great universal power, everything shifts and is restored and recovered into it's true nature and authenticity.

Who knows what Galliano felt when he lost everything. Maybe a mixture of regret, remorse, loss, sorrow, depression and so on. I would not even want to feel what he must have felt, because I have been there and I am sure some of you have been there one way or another. And believe me, it is certainly no picnic.
As Galliano continues to heal and makes his ammends to those he has harmed and continue to practice the principles of recovery then maybe there is a place reserved for him to be part of the fashion world again.

According to WWD there is a list called
"Steps to John Galliano's Potential Redemption".
The folowing steps on this list are: Clinic Stay. Apology. Charitable contribution to Jewish cause or organizations. Brilliant work to display his talent and contribution to the fashion industry. Time.

Not a bad list.

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