Jun 18, 2013

Gucci Gives Aristographic Looks for Spring/Summer 2013.

Certainly stellar collection for spring by Frida Giannini for Gucci. In the show notes "Aristographic" Giannini said that she had been inspired by Richard Avedon, specifically his portraits of Marella Agnelli, Talitha Getty, and Gloria Vanderbilt. There was also an influence of Yves Saint Laurent in vibrant colors.

The lean tailored clothes and the recurring of bold large ruffles defined the silhouette while providing the collection's primary embellishment. Giannini showed tunics over fluid pants again and again, sometimes with abundant, tiered ruffles running down the sleeves, sometimes with cutout backs. There were some polished feminine suits that were unfussy, sharp and feminine.

The looks may have had some early Seventies feel for the day yet had a distinctive way of dressing for evening. Definitely this was a highly focused collection where there were lean options. Giannini did offer some diversity with python prints which were perfect and a giant sea anemone print which were all right.

The evening portion was totally beautiful and worked like a charm. The columns were linear yet loosened and had all the seductive elements in them in black, white and brights.
Confidence was the underlying essence that this collection offered and that was pretty loud in this line up and it was infused with glamour as well. Frida Giannini is doing Gucci justice with her talent and her strong eye for modern style.


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