Jun 15, 2013

Christopher Kane Channels Frankenstein for Spring/Summer 2013

Christopher Kane made Frankenstein known for this spring season. The bolts and wing nuts made in acrylic were the signature details for this clean and creative collection. They clamped the shoulder straps of ladylike luncheon suits, pierced the bows festooning the front of a cocktail dress and anchored the slits on a narrow skirt.

The stiff biker jackets were a shock of stimulating fashion that were made of embossed leather that opened the show and a cocktail dress dotted with rectangular bows. Adorable were the experimental rubbery bows pieced together into clunky cardigan jackets and narrow skirts. There were bits of lace and beading that were pasted beautifully on silk gazar coats and dresses with black electrical tape.

Experiments and innovation is the current flowing through out this collection. Christopher Kane, a designer who puts himself to the task to have ones eye look at his designs and be stimulated by the details in his designs, leaving an impression in ones mind. Now that is clever design.

Christopher Kane

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