Jun 21, 2013

Eccentrico Giorgio Armani for Spring/Summer 2013

There was an exhibit that showcased 51 looks and accessories by Giorgio Armani called "Eccentrico". It was showcasing creations from 1985 to the present. It went from the hyper constructed pieces like his silver galactic piece for Lady Gaga to the utterly romantic, to an ethereal blue wonder from 2001, to the fantastic Orientalism from the Privé 2009 collection. All of this showed the range of a designer who creates marvelous designs at the right time without losing the Armani signature in any of them. Armani continues to refine his designs which are all timeless and define a moment in time.

"Kaleidoscope" is a collection that started with subdues looks in shades of grey for daytime. This all then moved into a range of lovely blues. The pieces are worn in layers, often a short jacket over a tunic and pants for a tri-level effect. There was airiness which was often an effect, as Armani worked in lightweight silks.  There was organza among these and they looked crispy and awkward. There were a number of dresses that were layered over pants, which Armani did endlessly and with gusto. It turned out to be annoying and I could not help but imagine these dresses without the pants. I thought most of them would have looked pretty without them.

Throughout though there is the sense of elegant ease that Armani is known for, like the jacket he delivered with softly pleated flyaway backs. Shorts were a major focal point and dresses had some gentle prints. Evening was sprinkled with crystals in the likes of grids, starbursts and spheres which all burst in backgrounds of black and navy.
Relaxed and elegant is a mood that Giorgio Armani put out this season in his kaleidoscope of creativity and this can be an addition to his future exhibits of his work some day.

Giorgio Armani

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