Jun 19, 2013

Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2013 is a Beautiful Floating Experience.

The feeling of being in a space watching beautiful designs floating by was an amazing feeling especially viewing this collection by Alberta Ferretti. It was purely feminine, light, ethereal, romantic and had a goddess like quality through out it all. The romanticism seemed to never run out because there was plenty of it, thank goodness or should I say, thank Goddess.

At first it felt as though the time was spent under water and that the siren looking models were covered with fringe embroideries that looked foamy and worked nicely against the wet looking organza and slick lamés. A short skaterly blue dress with nude tulle embroidered with lace looked whispering soft like an aquatic fairy floating in the deep.

At the end of the presentation worked with the slick lamés in black, blue, green and ivory on her signature gowns, which were done in an artfully tattered snsibility. She said that there is an absence of gravity. "As if the fabrics are floating around the woman." One of the perfect examples of this is the effect on pretty cutaway chiffon tops worn over cropped pants.
Alberta Ferretti makes sure that the woman sees that the clothes are designed to become one with the woman. Or that the woman become one with the clothes. Now that is essentially perfect for any woman!

Alberta Ferretti

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