May 31, 2013

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 Makes People Smile.

Christopher Bailey made sure that this collection was filled with intense color and shine. He also added flourishes of leather and lace in the mix of all of this as well. At the end of the show Bailey said, "I wanted it playful, sassy and joyous with colors so intense you wring them out."
Right now Bailey is managing in keeping things upbeat. He was asked regarding the recent of a slowdown in worldwide retail sales. "You need to do things that make people smile, to have a point of view. And if you work with integrity and honesty, you can ride out the challenges," he said

The trenches and dresses that were fashioned from emerald green lace, with a jaunty fishtail flair at the hem certainly put smiles on faces. A wonderful curvy dress plastered with teal feathers and a deep pink and red trench also did the trick.

Purple and hot pink fabrics with the look and texture of foil wrappers were cut into a short sleeved shirt or pleated strapless dress. In the meantime, shiny cotton sateen trenches came in shades such as midnight blue, raspberry and acid green.

At times Bailey would hold back from all the color by sending out cool white trenches or Champagne colored ones worn with rose gold capelets.
The collection was packed with tiny capes that hit midway down the arm which is a bit tricky and longer ones which had a more grown up sensibility.

The finale was a parade of shiny trenches in various colors and handbags in hand that made sure the world does not forget what Burberry Prorsum is all about. Christopher Bailey made sure of that and the smiles never disappeared all along, throughout the entire show.

Burberry Prorsum

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