May 10, 2013

Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 is Sabor Latino!

Never has Ralph Lauren done anything Latin. For this spring he sent out a collection that had just that. Sabor Latino! The line up was elegant, flirty, fresh, elegant and sexy. 

There were recognizable Ralph Lauren touches that had reference points such as Spain, Mexico and other Latin epicenters that were sensual and sultry. Even though the show ran a bit too long and was a bit literal there were clothes that had a perfect bravado that is so irresistible that had the designer's ethos.

When the first look, a frilled turquoise suede shirt over black pants came out the message was clear - exuberance, color and lots of accessories. The craftsmanship was exquisite. Surface textures enriched via crochets and embroideries. There was a casual attitude in the best looks regardless of the berets, jewelry, bandannas and array of bags.

The serapes were charming and were not even used as serapes but as an off-the-shoulder-top. There was a group of toreador looks that came through this line up that was a tad costumey yet not shy in showing the embroidery and beading that went into the pieces.

For evening there were some stunning and exquisite gowns like a passion red gown with a lacquered lace bodice and skirt with cascading ruffles and  a couple of them black embroidered, curvaceous stunners that were quite sensual.

Ralph Lauren

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