May 3, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez Looks at the Masters for Spring 2013 and Everything Looked Wonderful.

The exuding calm and confidence that Narciso Rodriquez was radiating was so obvious and it was for a very good reason. He was about to present a wonderful collection of spare silhouetted, exquisite cuts and colorful graphics that were all perfectly executed with a perfect sense of control.

For this season he continued to focus on construction. "I was looking at the way the masters - Vionnet and Balenciaga - cut on the bias, then translating  that into something modern," he said. The versions that he presented were fluid and complicated in construction and all looked effortless and divine. Rodriguez does a wonderful job in working the minimal angle.

This time he not did that but he also ventured into surface embellishments. It was an unknown territory for him but the results were lovely. There were laminated wooden paillettes, which he applied in an abstract motif on a striking moss dress. He also added colorful embroidery on several chic tops. The texture added a new dimension in Rodrigiuez's work and it was just beautiful.

The final looks were flowing, languid slip dresses that were almost transparent were it not for their big fuchsia and magenta color blocks. They were exquisite and look like a dream to wear for a beautiful summer evening.
Narciso Rodriguez is a designer who is so good in the art of construction and technique that in this case and in this season showed his confidence in his designing abilities. Yes, this season is a confident collection and should not be missed out.

Narciso Rodriguez

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