May 15, 2013

Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 is Digital Quality.

This collection by Proenza Schouler was just the most marvelous, innovative, risk taking collection that was a result of the grand year that Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough have been having. New financing, new retail-business spirit guide and a brand new store in the prime of Madison Avenue real estate.

For this spring their message is randomness. "The internet, the images you're bombarded with and the collage of information that you get everyday," was how Hernandez described the collection. The designers went into a world of unlimited creative possibilities and came up with new, cool, fantastic ideas that were exquisitely tasteful in a fashion forward way.

The clothes had a digital quality to them, indeed. High def colors, neon green, electric blue and red, blared on laminated leathers, like a new patent, cut so thin and lightweight they were almost two dimensional. There was leather on boxy jackets, low slung pleated kilts and dresses that were fitted around the bodice and shoulders like a wet-suit and flared at the knee.

Patchwork looks were a dominance and there were some solid looks that were perforated with pixel-like dots. Hernandez and McCullough were inspired by a Gerhard Richter exhibition they had seen in Paris and they were keen on the notion of collage and what turned out were a combination of skins like the multicolored pieces of snake and iguana sewn up into one streamlined look combined with Internet sourced photos.

Pictures of a pool, a pool and a protest were all splice up with vivid jacquards, satins and graphic woven techniques on dresses and separates. What the designers did for the finale is that they blew the photo prints out onto dresses that featured a uniform embroidery of bright buttons at the top and grommets at the skirt.
This collection was one of the best for this spring season. Graphic and Amazing.

Proenza Schouler

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