May 29, 2013

Marios Schwab Spring 2013 is Native American Chic.

Marios Schwab said because the world is so obsessed with digital technology, he would like to bring back elements that are made raw. To bring back making things by hand because that is true luxury.
Marios Schwab is a talent worth following. There was a great turn out of major retailers and editors present that indicated that the curiosity is keen for this designer.

This collection was tribal themed. It opened with a filmy burgundy dress which was fronted with a slither of leather strips and the bodice was framed with jutting black raffia. Great cotton minidresses followed that were cinched in the waist and tight in the sleeves. Jackets in black raffia and fringe suede were also standouts.

Schwab was inspired by the Native American garments and it showed throughout the collection and were not too literal. Schwab looked at graphics like the honeycomb pattern and how scientific it looked and it was quite a nice touch to the collection as well. The pleats were inspired by Ernst Hickly who was a biologist and later became an artist. Schwab loved the linear lines and how irregular they are and worked the pleating by wrapping it around the body as well as creating an accentuated waistline and making the garments look sexy at the same time.

The final looks were inspired by one of Marlene Dietrich's most iconic dresses. These had the touches of tribal beaded on them and sauntered down the runway looking sensual and giving a sexy disco vibe.
Marios Schwab is finding his way to being a great player in the fashion world and each season he steps up more and more. It is worth it.

Marios Schwab

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