Apr 24, 2013

Marc Jacobs is Brutal in Simplicity for Spring/Summer 2013.

For this spring, Marc Jacobs said that it is going to be all about restraint. According to Jacobs it is going to be "very, very, very brutal. Brutal in its simplicity. That's our new word for the season." The shift to this brutality is immense. One of the talents that Jacobs possesses is his ability ta make those giant seasonal changes while retaining his fashion identity, the trait he shares with Miuccia Prada and not many others.

His explosion of graphics has captured the attention of the fashion crowd. Rubberized leather leopard prints, micro sequined checkerboards and stripes, stripes, stripes. Is this restraint? By Jacobs' standards it is and they are absolutely wearable. Real clothes are plenty and touches of whimsy are in the mix.
The set was a huge triangular floor covered in pale leather tiles, the back wall a row of 15 revolving doors out of which the models emerged.

What emerged were silhouettes that were super elongated anchored by a low-slung skirt and jacket or coat cut lean through the shoulders worn with a perfectly matched handbag. The clothes were perfect, beautiful and sexy which is the message that Jacobs sent out for this spring season.

The lineup is a variation of short midriff-baring jackets and T-shirts over briefs. More girlier touches were curvy dresses, their wide stripes cut into flamboyant bicolored scalloped hems, and a terrific group that repeated many of the earlier shapes, in solids with ruffled two tone collars. Some linear stripes in variations that made provocative curves around the body were what Jacobs offered as well.

Evening consisted of floor-length sequinede T-shirts in contrasting black and white patterns wiht chiffon strips made for a girl to sparkle in a casual, engaging way. 
Marc Jacob has evolved so beautifully as a designer and has been consistently creating charming and feminine designs that have spirit and style.

Marc Jacobs

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