Apr 16, 2013

Donna Karan Spring 2013 is Irresistible.

Donna Karan created a breathtaking collection for this spring season. This was a turn around from the men's wear tailoring for fall. This time the romantic Donna was a real treat with mesmerizing colors cold-dyed to feign nature
Her exquisite pieces in muted hues set the tone. The folded jackets over full skirts, and empire silhouettes, such as the oyster linen and jersey dress and jacket that opened the show were some examples. It was all beautiful as everything else that followed.

Karan played with volume via construction. A gorgeous transparent georgette dress almost cascaded down from a stricter jersey bralike top.
Evening was stunning. Karan draped several beautiful dresses. There was a sea foam embroidered and sequined dress that just floated by like an under water creature. All so elegantly rendered.

This collection served to mask Karan's perfect sense of control. So sublime was it that almost every piece was elaborately constructed, draped, tiered and tweaked and gave an overall effect that remained poetically beautiful. Donna Karan still remains a great American designer who really knows how to design for any woman. How can any woman not resist??

Donna Karan 

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