Apr 19, 2013

Alexander Wang's Dynamic Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

An energetic spring collection that is sportswear on steroids. The line up was sophisticated, tasteful, powerful and relaxed. Alexander Wang is a dynamic designer who never runs out of ideas which are always in motion and get to be expressed with a passionate energy. 

This minimalist sport collection had "hockey jerseys" worn over tailored shorts that came in skinny or bermuda styles. Wang created the collection mostly in black and white. There were some shots of beige leather and grays. The silhouette was more spare and crisp, in stark cotton and exotics, such as karung snakeskin, than previous iterations yet nothing was plain.

Wang said that austerity was a focus when it came to structure and volume. He played with the idea of suspension and tension through embroidery techniques. Garments were sliced up and tacked back together with a fishing-line type of thread, creating bare strips. Precise pieces of fabrics were cut and sewn into the shape of a croc spine down the back of a shirt, which Wang likened to a graphic eyelet effect. One of the most interesting treatments was the bugle bead embroidery done on the vertical, in a pattern that imitated crocodile skin in 3-D.

There were boyish cuts charged with a racy undercurrent. The sexual energy was turned up high with curvy dresses such as the silver embroidered V-neck dress with a slit up each thigh. Shoes were banded up to the knee tying in with the suspension-dissection motif.

The finale was presented with nine models, all acid blonde dressed in ivory variations of looks that have already been shown. They took their places on the cement runway. The lights went down and the clothes which were glow in the dark, lit up.
This is Alexander Wang in his element. He continues to dazzle and is notably a darling in New York's fashion world with his creative abilities. Keep it going, Alexander!

Alexander Wang

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