Apr 19, 2013

Zac Posen Spring 2013 is a Sunday Kind of Love.

A fantastical collection for spring! The lights dimmed at Avery Fisher Hall terrace and Etta James' "Sunday Kind of Love" started to play and created a romantic mood in the air. The collection presentation for spring by Zac Posen begins.

Several looks displayed this romanticism which began with pretty day dresses such as a muted floral silk and chiffon one and a pleated rose-print style cinched at the waist. Posen continues the rose inspiration in a beautiful embroidery on a navy bustier worn with a long satin skirt.

In the past Posen would get carried away, but this time he really reigned it in and did keep things a bit light. His more elaborate gowns were a feast for the eyes and displayed an extravagance of modern elegance. There were just a couple of gowns that leaned more on a too extravagant side. The finale tiered ballgown worn by Coco Rocha was one of those that were one of them yet it was beautifully designed and constructed.

Zac Posen has a great eye for smart draping and sharp construction and he is great in creating silhouettes that exude power, sensuality, elegance and modern class.  Overall the designs were impeccable and I am certain that spring welcomes his entire collection with open arms!

Zac Posen

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