Mar 8, 2011

Paris is beaming with pride

Paris has done a great job so far in presenting fantastic collections with pride. And this pride is something that Paris has always had for a long time and it showed. In a beautiful way.
Phoebe Philo's designs for Celine demonstrated a warm, modern appeal that the rest of the world will be attracted to. She injected some fresh new ideas in some classic shapes. The coats and jackets are well tailored and streamlined. Turtle necks under sweaters with big bold stripes were perfect and some suits and dresses were impeccable. Beautiful modern pleated blouses and wonderful flared skirts were some great additions. Philo is doing a fantastic job at Celine and is truly appreciated.
At Akris the collection was a simple painting of autumn. The colors were the reds, sepia, yellows and even the autumn sky was captured in the blues. A perfect picture of fashion made with suedes, wools, satins, cashmere, vicuna with a touch of tailoring. The prints on the dresses of autumn trees amplified the imagination of the fall season. A perfect fall presentation. Thank you.
At Givenchy the collection was pretty and had a thread of alluring sophistication. Mostly in black, there were some violet flowers, gold detailing around jackets. some transparent tops and skirts which had some of the violet flowers on them This collection made me think that it was a little peculiar. I feel that without the cat hats, maybe the collection would have looked a little more polished.
Hermes went through a lot lately. And this collection designed by Christophe Lemaire gave a beautiful light hearted, luxe feeling to the house. A beautiful combination of coats and plush turtlenecks, Hermes prints of dream catchers on blouses and dresses, and a look that reminded me of the outer wear that I would see in the Gazette du Bon Ton and the illustrations in Vogues of the 1920's. Hermes should beam in pride with this collection. What luxury and what a collection!!!
A collection that triggered people here for beautiful and fantastic is that of John Galliano. It reminded everyone of Dior because of the style and inspiration of this collection. Tweed and wools looked so soft as jackets for some suits, a coat with a fur collar that frames the face, 1930's looking dresses that are cut on the bias that is a technique Galliano uses. It reminded me of the society women and Hollywood stars from the 1930's for sure.  A beautiful collection that had people wonder what is in the future for Galliano. The answer is: we don't know.

Celine Fall/Winter 2011

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011

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