Mar 14, 2011

Beauty is emerging from "tsunami" after Fashion Week F/W 2011-12

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan was a demonstration of how strong the forces of nature is. What was left over after this event was chaos and destruction. What happens in these situations after a disaster is that everyone comes together and give each other support one way or another and the new beginning of a new chapter in Life begins. Beauty is born from these kinds of situations and Japan will recover and become even more beautiful. In the meantime I asked myself, what is it that creates the beauty after these situations? And the answer that came up for me is Love.

Fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris was fantastic this season. A lot of designers have stepped up and thought out of the box and created collections that displayed new looks and silhouettes that were beautifully executed and that are leading fashion into a new direction.
New York pushed through with colors, textures, and shapes that carried a craftsmanship that is getting more interesting and more talked about each season. London continues to show with some restraint that is done brilliantly with their British style. On the other hand, their explosive creative British spirit expressed a flair of colorful fun. Milan is always so seductive with sophistication mixed with sexiness and this season it rose to the occasion tastefully. And Paris as pretty and elegant and creative as can be stretched the comfort zone even more so, increasing the fashion standards even higher.
But it was in Paris where a tsunami hit. The kind that was more energetic. The kind that makes everyone accept change and then move forward. And this was that incident of John Galliano and his journey.
His actions which were small ones yet so immensely big and strong, created a ripple effect that affected the entire fashion world if not the entire planet. His action was the earthquake and the earthquake created the tsunami. And people are still processing it.
The result of this was devastating. There was damage everywhere. A creative job was wiped away. An entire house was shaken up to its foundation, so to speak, and it immediately had to do whatever it took to survive and move forward to create a new beginning. And all those involved in the fashion world was sad and devastated because a creative, talented genius was practically washed away and swallowed into the waves of the unknown.
So some questions I asked myself were, what is the beauty that will emerge from all this? Is there support in everyone's recovery? What beauty is being created following these aftershocks and the floods of this energetic tsunami? The one answer to all of these questions that keeps popping in my mind is Love.
Love is always present and is always straightening out everything that is broken. Love forgives and melts away all resentment, rebellion, and rejection. Love renovates and restores everything.
Right now the beauty is already showing up in many ways. Galliano went to Arizona for his recovery, the house of Dior any day now is going to announce who the new creative director is, and the man who was allegedly verbally abused by Galliano insisted that he doesn't deserve to have his career "destroyed" over this incident. And who knows what the result of the trial will be when the time comes. Love is just going to do what it always does. It makes everything beautiful because Love is in everything.
Right now the fashion world is evolving beautifully. This "tsunami" has caused some more changes to happen not as much on the outside but most importantly on the inside. It is an opportunity for all of us to look inside of ourselves and to see where our Love is and what is holding it back from expressing itself more fully to make us even more beautiful than we are to ourselves and to each other.
Yes. Fashion week in general was interestingly superb and beautiful. All these new ideas and concepts that were designed all have the ingredient of love. And look at what Love has done through all these designers in all these cities! Each city expressed their talents individually in their own beautiful way that is leading the fashion world into the teens of this new millennium. How fortunate are we to witness all of this and be part of this one way or another. How exciting is that? All I know is that Love is doing amazing things all the time!!

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2011-2012

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  1. Karl...You made me very emotional when I read this blog...So eloquent and so beautifully written...and full of compassion...Your heart is in the right place...You are dear and so close to me...Love you.