Mar 6, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier & Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Jean Paul Gaultier has a wonderful imagination and his designs sweeps us up into his world of fashion that makes us either laugh or smile or both in the end. For this season he showed a collection that had a mature playful feeling only to add the humor he embodies to make us smile at the clever pattern, construction and style that he so often plays with. Gaultier called this collection "la beourgoise sans age".
The tailoring on his suits that come with pants or skirts are done and the result always comes out crisp and sharp. The tweeds and wools that they are made of always make me slowly inspect the way they are made.  Wonderful cardigans and turtle necks made a look that I am sure some women would enjoy. Blouses with different prints were beautiful and lady like. There were jumpsuits that were perfect for evening and a lot of trenches that were made of a mix of fabrics.
Definitely a collection for any woman of any age. I even think that my own mother who swoons over any amazing collection would want to wear Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Fall/Winter 2011

Here is a designer that everybody has been keeping an eye on. One of the reason is because his name keeps coming up to be the new creative director at Dior. It could be a possibility. We'll see.
And on that note Haider Ackermann has presented a fine collection full of sophistication and modern luxury that is tasteful and well rounded. A lot of elongated shapes and silhouettes walked down the runway displaying the wonderful exhibition of fantastic colors, coats, straps, some draped, liquid, tailored and beaded ensembles and pieces, that were completed with a touch of perfect craftsmanship. The line up was pretty diverse and it never had anyone look away because it definitely commanded the attention of everyone. If there was a thought of ease and breathing space with a touch of luxe and sophistication in Ackermann's mind then this is the result of his thoughts. And what magnificent thoughts there were in this collection! Bravo! 

Haider Ackermann
Fall/Winter 2011

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