Mar 21, 2011

Pesavento Couture by Jamie Pesavento

One of the designers who is incredibly energetic, dynamic and who thinks out of the box is Jamie Pesavento. He designs for his own line called Pesavento Couture.
Jamie's creative passion is playful and explosive, producing edgy elegance that is generous as it flows endlessly through him in an effortless way. The massive amount of ideas pour out of Jamie and splashes onto the canvas of the fashion world.
Nothing holds back this creative power that Jamie possesses and expresses. He never has any doubt in his own creativity and his vast knowledge of and experience in design is quite inspiring, alive and colorful which is attractive to any woman who desires to display their magnificent beautiful splendor in their own unique way.
I invite all of you to have a look at what Jamie has to offer. He is brilliant and a genius in his craft.

Pesavento Couture
208 West 29th St. Suite #602
New York, NY 10001
tel/fax 212-629-3004

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