Mar 1, 2011

The end of the Galliano Era at Christian Dior

John Galliano was a great fashion force at the house of Dior.
He truly captured the true essence of all that Dior is and swept the fashion world into a brilliant place of highly crafted artwork that were created by the wonderful talented hands that still exist today that work with perfection through and through.
   It seems that Galliano is a person who is dealing with a lot within himself, perhaps one big part of it is the pressure of fashion. The moment that he expressed the words, there was no turning back. I have to say that as I watched the video it looks as though he was totally schnockered and the girls' voices in the background sounded troubled when they heard the words come out of his mouth. At the same time it seemed that they were instigating him further and kept on going and Galliano kept on going as well. So one person is not less guilty than the other. Galliano and the people who were arguing with him all had a part in what happened.
   I am not going to judge what happened, because I was not there and I am not going to point my finger to anyone and say who is at fault because everyone had a part in this situation. The words that were said by both parties were damaging to both sides because both sides were nasty to each other and no one stopped before things got out of hand. When things escalated this was the result. There was no presence of Love at that point. None.
   I don't agree with what Galliano said because what he said was vicious and violent and it was shocking. At the same time I saw a man who was intoxicated and totally annihilated by alcohol and I could only feel compassion for him because some people in my family and friends who I love suffered from alcoholism and substance abuse and I realized how much in pain they were and how ill they were. I am not in any way justifying Galliano's actions at all. What is done is done and now Galliano has to take responsibility for all his actions this past weekend. If you know the Law of Cause and Effect you will definitely understand what I mean. Think of the Law of Newton which is: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
   Now we are witnessing a life of a very talented and successful person change in a blink of an eye. What is going to happen with John Galliano's career? Is he going to rehab? What is his future going to be like? How is this going to affect his own line? Who is the House of Dior going to choose as their new creative director? How will this affect the business for Dior? All these questions and more are racing through any one's mind who are in the fashion world one way or another. The Fall/Winter Pret-a-Porter 2011 show is definitely going on because if it does not, it will be a big financial loss for Dior.
   What Natalie Portman said at the end of her statement on Monday had a powerful truth in it: "I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful." This situation shows us that we have prejudice inside us and that we have love inside us. What has more power? And what can make a big difference in this world, especially in our relationship with each other? What will keep us up? Prejudice or Love?
   So here we are. An era ends and a new one will begin. Monsieur Dior died at a young 50. Yves Saint Laurent went on and opened his own house. Marc Bohan designed from 1960 to 1989. Gianfranco Ferre worked a wonderful 7 years. And now John Galliano gave some of the best years at Christian Dior.
   The House of Dior has gone through big, big changes and continues to thrive strongly and beautifully as it navigates through the winds and fires of the power of Life that is constantly evolving and creating with Love always and forever. A new era begins.



  1. Thank you! I was moved to write this. I am glad I did. ; )

  2. I knew you were going to write about Galliano...I have compassion for him...because all of us humans are guilty of some prejudice hidden somewhere in our depth...and as it always happens..It takes a slip of a moment under influence of some substance for the mind to lose control...and the results are devastating...