Mar 3, 2011

As Dark as Paris is now, the light of creativity shines through

As Paris is feeling dark and a bit heavy in all the fashion hearts, the light of creativity is still present in the days to come during Paris Fashion Week. The news about John Galliano slowed me down a bit. So now I am catching up. And one of the things I noticed is that the week started with a play of the masculine and the feminine.
Hakaan presented a collection that had masculine and feminine mixtures from coats, jackets and pants to dresses, tops, and skirts. Gray, black, white and red were the colors. There is a modern elegance that makes this line look as good as new. Thimister showed a collection that was loose, flowey and drapey. All in grey, black and white the collection could be a favorite for the goths or any Thimister fan.
I could not help but think that Nicolas Andreas Taralis's collection, which had touches of Victorian influences, was a bit inspired by vampires, because there were shirts that were painstakingly painted and dyed that looked like blood stains. Oh, well.
A little collection that I enjoyed that was designed by the young Anthony Vaccarello was edgy, modern and sexy. All of the pieces were in black and I could not help but give each piece the once over because of the cut and the style of each one. The only thing I was disturbed about was seeing these ultra thin models in these clothes. They looked like they were on the brink of being full blown anorexics. I hope none of them are.
And then there is Hussein Chalayan. He titled his collection Kaikoku, meaning "open country," a reference to the way Japan was compelled to open up to the world in the traumatic aftermath of World War II. Japanese influence was in each piece. New ideas were explored and well executed. They were artistic and powerful. This was the best collection of the day. I was delightfully mesmerized! I think you would be too.
During the aftermath of a big loss in the fashion world, the show must go on.
The light of creativity is still being expressed in Paris today.

Hussein Chalayan's Floating Dress
Fall/Winter 2011

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