Jan 14, 2013

Roksanda Ilincic Keeps Warm for Fall 2012.

Roksanda Ilincic is a playful designer with fabrics, textures and fur and the results are always clothes for a lady who loves being a girl with a touch of luxury without trying too hard. The clothes will help with the cold outside with a bit of fur on everything from a sweatshirt to an evening gown. There was astrakhan silk with silk for day dresses and trimmed hoods, pencil skirt hems and evening gowns with thick lengths of the pelt. There were some simpler silhouettes that were standouts like the bright purple shift with a special touch of a pleat in the front and a fabulous fold on the back.
It is always nice to see Ilincic's collections because they have a nice simple and smart quality to them. I am sure her clients are always happy with everything she designs.

Roksanda Ilincic

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