Jan 2, 2013

Oscar de la Renta is Youth Chic for Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

Oscar de la Renta had a very youthful momentum in his entire collection. In this case it means that no matter how youthful these garments look this fall, any woman of any age can find something to wear from his entire collection. The line up of course included the sophistication, elegance and class that Oscar is known for and really does not disappoint.

The girly effects such as fishnets, jewel encrusted booties, pouf or tiered tulle, pastel furs and helmet hair tied with a jewel-encrusted bow were the details that made some looks playful. Bauble motifs threaded throughout that featured huge prints and embroideries of pendant brooches on jackets, skirts and sheathes.

The wonderful group of glamorous restraint, soon morphed into a group of pretty pastels, tweeds and party frocks fit princesses of any ages. Silhouettes were from fitted to straight sophistication. There were some pouf skirts as well as some pencil skirts.
Daywear included some fabulous suits that were signature Oscar de la Renta that came in many different tweeds. pants with fur hems were matched with fur vests and short sleeved shirts showing that the Oscar girl can be playful and fun.

Evening was precious with an array of sophisticated looks. A gown covered with graphic paillettes was divine. And how can an Oscar de la Renta collection not be without any ballgowns? It would be blasphemous! This time the ballgowns were truly gorgeous with tulle skirts that tastefully and gradually got bigger and bigger.
This collection was certainly without any limits and it was done well. Oscar truly has a great eye and taste for fashion and at his age it is wonderfully endless! I Love you Oscar!!!

Oscar de la Renta

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