Jan 28, 2013

Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Giorgio Armani showed a fantastic collection that closed a strong Milan season. (Which by the way the season should not be a day shorter. New York is too long due to too many shows that are of little importance. Here in Milan, the first and last days had little going on.)

There was so much to see at Armani. The collection was pure tailored chic. Black fedoras punctuated every look. The perfect suits that had the signature Giorgio Armani tailoring and shapes were all done in a new way. A strong surrent of men's wear was present and worked well with some bright colors such as fuschia, hot pink and orange.

Skirts were cut for ease and comfort as well as the dresses. Shorts were a smart addition. The integration of numerous textures and weights kept everything interesting.
Evening was sportif. The shorts were part of it along with jackets and skirts. The upper pieces were crystal-embroidered for a lavish and young feeling.

The last look that was an extravagantley embroidered  jumpsuit that was fit for a fashion diva. Although it looked like Armani went back to the basics, he managed to reinvent his signature in a well tailored casual way for this fall and winter of 2012.

Giorgio Armani 

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