Jan 15, 2013

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012

Mary Katrantzou is a wonderful talent because she is a master at experimenting fearlessly with shapes and prints, and in creating silhouettes that are just simply perfect and never look in any way over exaggerated nor out of sync. She found inspiration in household objects making the prints and designs turning out to be not only inventive but also pretty whimsical. Clothes hangers were arranged on a pale jade dress, while old fashioned rotary dials dotted a heavy silk dress with a billowing chiffon cape. Katrantzou worked with the embroidery house of Lesage and what came out of that were some
amazing creations, such as hundreds of eraser-tipped pencils sewn onto the tulip shaped skirt of a silk dress and sparkling sequins and crystals in graduating shades of blue for a bolero jacket.

Katrantzou also offered her prints in intartia print manipulation on sweater dresses. Standouts were a black sleeved one dotted with crystals, and a moss green number with silk embroidery, sequins and crystals. Always on point, Mary Katrantzou is a talent that has a vision that always carries the fashion world on a dream journey of print that only she can exquisitely do.

Mary Katrantzou
Fall 2012

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