Jan 25, 2013

Raf Simons' last Collection for Jil Sander for Fall 2012.

When it is time to go there is a way to say goodbye by leaving a mark that no one will forget. This is exactly what Raf Simons did with the last collection he designed for Jil Sander for fall 2012. This is a collection that was so clean and jam packed with wonderful silhouettes encompanied with smart details. Out of all the years that he has been at Jil Sander this collection was the best one out of all of them. Chic, elegant and refined that only Simons can do best with his talent for minimalism.

The show started with double faced clutch coats that were sublime in pale pink and dove gray, tobacco and bright pink, with an air of the late-Fifties couture and then went into confections with lingerie references. Intricate construction was involved, many in powdery make up shades, combined tones and textures with visual ease.

Simons has worked with the couture aura for several seasons and showed that not only can he create elegant evening wear but can also turn out some luxe looks for the day that will make women throw money to purchase them.

So on the way out, Simons bids farewell to Jil Sander and steps into the unknown, only to be carried on into a new chapter that will be the most amazing journey of his life.

Jil Sander

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