Dec 28, 2011

Nature and South Africa Inspires Michael Kors for Spring/Summer 2012

Michael Kors said that if he could commute, his new South Beach would be the Singita Lodges in South Africa. He and his husband Lance Le Pere have been there three times. For this spring, Kors brought some of it with him to the runway. He had a lot to offer and the connection with nature with a mixture of modernity showed, inspired in part by Lauren Hutton and Peter Beard. The adventure was all set for in earth tones and easy silhouettes. Some garments were in gauzzy weights or heftier fabrics washed and rumpled for comforts sake, and for more flamboyant moments, floating georgette ponchos and caftans. There were some impressive pieces that refined the rugged. The palette of colors looked drab and the punches of rusts and orangy reds did not give a boost. The zebra prints gave a nice dose of graphic clarity. All in all this was a collection of practical chic with sex appeal and joy.

Michael Kors
Spring/Summer 2012

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