Dec 28, 2011

Chado Ralph Rucci Spring/Summer 2012

This was a hell of an exquisite collection. It took my breath away. I remember how Ralph Rucci makes the most wearable collections that have a most couture touch and quality to them yet making them accessible to any woman. The fabrics and the workmanship are truly splendid. There was a subtle approch which includes the plastic insets. The layers had a gentle touch as well and the embroidery and embellishments never overpowered any of the sihouettes. For the most part, insets and dramatic seaming had a light touch. There seemed to be some fun woth some details such as the white longcoat with playful black circles. This collection was pretty strong because of its restraint as well as its execution shown in the gorgeous gowns. Rucci always delivers extraordinary clothes that can make anyone feel abundant, prosperous and elegant.

Ralph Rucci
Spring/Summer 2012

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