Dec 1, 2011

Threeasfour, Naeem Khan, Elie Tahari, Spring/Summer 2012

Threeasfour is the trio that consists of Adi Gil, Gabi Asfour and Angela Donhauser and they created a collection that shows that they enjoy pushing boundaries. In this case it is inspiration. Their beautiful Middle Eastern line up explored the idea of unity and friendship as it relates to multiculturalism. The setting of their show took place in St. Patrick's old Cathedral and was a display of beautiful lightweight fabrics, cutaway coats, flowing cotton dresses, many with a Jewish star print, and the controversial Muslim Keffiyeh scarves draped around necks. These clothes were not only beautiful but also wearable.

Spring/Summer 2012

There were so many beautiful dresses and there was everything but the kitchen sink. Naeem Khan is a designer who has years of experience in eveningwear and has a loyal clientele which includes the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The collection lacked continuity in a big way. Anything that you are looking for, he's got it. I am not sure which direction he was going with his designs, yet they were beautiful.

Naeem Khan
Spring/Summer 2012

When there is a combination of Ancient Egypt - the land of gods and goddesses, Pharaohs and a very majestic Cleopatra, the result is a collection that is well polished and Elie Tahari followed these guiding inspirations. There were gold mesh dresses and skirts, delicate harem pants, a fine python print for casual trousers and sheer pleating details. Gold embroidery on linen jackets and accessories like tasseled belts enhanced the rich feel of the clothes, while slightly faded hues added a casual elegant element to the collection. Tahari produced a fine collection that will do well for this coming spring.

Elie Tahari
Spring/Summer 2012

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