May 11, 2011

The Latest on Galliano

More legal problems continue to pile up for Galliano. John Galliano who is to stand on trial in Paris on a charge of public insult has a legal action taken against him by his former lawyer Stéphane Zerbib. Zerbib was recently dismissed following the alleged discovery of irregularities in respect to his firm's administration of Galliano's financial affairs over a number of years.
It is confirmed by Zerbib that he and his lawyer, Emma Lapijower, will file a charge of defamation against Galliano, among other complaints.

Galliano has a lot on his plate. There is a lot to be taken care of. And the unknown is truly where Galliano is right now. Surrendering to all of this is the only way to go. It looks like everything is out of control. Yet all that is unsettled, will settle. Just like the stirred up sand in the turbulent waters of the ocean that once the water is still the sand will settle quietly and there is clarity once more.
The beat goes on.

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