May 16, 2011

Alexandre Vauthier and Spring Couture 2011

Alexandre Vauthier is a couturier who is surely making his mark in the world of Couture. His reputation is growing and he is gaining a clientelle that includes celebrities such as Rihanna and French singer Kerry Ann.
His obvious sleek, seductive and glamorous creative energy is potent and is surely a pleasure to witness.
I am really happy to see that he is one of the new rising couturiers among others, who is creating a buzz.

Alexandre Vauthier is a former law student who dove into fashion studies with fervor and determination. He worked with Mr. Thierry Mugler himself on Mugler's team. After 4 years he went on to become the assistant for Jean Paul Gaultier's budding Haute Couture collection, Gaultier Paris. Four years after that he showed a collection under his own name on January 20th, 2009 at La maison des Metallos.

Alexandre Vauthier

 With all of this being said, his collection was a little repetitive. I did enjoy the retro disco look and the sexy metallic dresses that looked like metallic liquid poured onto the models. It was refreshing to see the geometric print caftan in the middle of the hobble wearing models. I noticed too, that the finishing of the garments were not up to par, maybe because there were last minutes adjustments being made and they were not finsished on time. The seduction that these designs were radiating surely kept my eye's attention.
The potential of becoming a humungous couture force is definitely present. With some fine tuning in details and finishing I am certain that it will raise the frequency even higher on Vaultier's Haute Couture quality scale.

Alexandre Vauthier
Couture Eté

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