May 11, 2011

In the Zone. An Exquisite Valentino Spring 2011 Couture Collection

The world of couture is changing and is one of the unique specialties in the world that seems to be an exotic rarity today that some ladies have the privilege to enjoy. Thank goodness there are new young couturiers who are finding their way and making their mark in the alluring world of Couture. Valentino definitely made his.
But when Valentino announced his retirement in 2007, I was horrified and shocked. I asked myself, what is going to happen to the world of Haute Couture since all of the greats are retiring or dying?? Yves Saint Laurent is gone and now Valentino is going!

Enter Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierre Paolo Piccioli. They have previously designed accessories for the label for 10 years. Really? Accessories? What makes them qualified to design Haute Couture when their experience is only accessories? With the full support of Valentino himself Chiuri and Piccioli presented their first collection in 2009.
In the past their collections were confusing because they were infusing their own ideas while still maintaining the essentials of the house. I saw that it is going to take time for this design duo to sail through the turbulence and land smoothly into the groove of the Valentino world of Couture. This Spring season they presented a collection that exhibited their persistance in pleasing the Valentino fans, clients and editors.

Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierre Paolo Piccioli

Yes. This collection was quite exquisite! Garments were produced that radiated every aspect of Valentino. Transparency combined with elegance in every way is a promise these designers kept and gave to all those anticipating this collection.
Chiuri and Piciolli hit the Couture bull's eye with a parade of lace, bows, ruffles, flowers, pleats, plissé and beading. Underneath all of this is the incredible workmanship. "Researching lightness, subtracting weight." said Piccioli.
Clients, fans and editors are all delighted with this wonderful collection.
Chiuri and Piccioli are finally in the zone.

Spring/Summer 2011

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