Feb 14, 2013

Armani Privé is Multi Cultural Haute Couture for Spring/Summer 2013

Giorgio Armani has always been drawn to far flung locales and cultures. The countless reference points have always been an inspiration to his work. This collection he said, would display "an echo of different cultures. As if you are touring the world and taking different references from different cultures and obviously make them more of today's world."

The lineup was streamlined of looks in high intensity, high shine fabrics, an exotica rendered in a moody palette shot with red, nonspecific tribal-esque patterns and bold accessories, including the ubiquitous fez. The designer's primary focus was on pants that were cut lean under short, crisp jackets or waistcoats. These were done neatly with details of cut such as curved closure, plisséd edges, geometric hems and short puffed sleeves.

For grander moments, he raged from the simplicity of a lovely long black sating dress with a hint of vibrant embroidery, to the sleek intricacy of a graphic, red-and-black, jewel encrusted peplum top over a black mermaid skirt.

Armani made a big push with accesories. Bags and shoes in matching prints and big bar broaches were demonstative but at the same time was a bit confusing.
Elegance and class is the element that radiates out from these designs and when worn feel absolutely wonderful. Class is the message that Armani always gives out and at the same time allows anyone to pick and choose any piece to wear separately or completely. One more thing is that there is always the touch of feminine sexiness and that is Armani.

Armani Privé
Haute Couture

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