Feb 11, 2013

Iris van Herpen Spring Couture 2013 Strikes like Lightening

This collection was called Voltage. Iris van Herpen did in fact showed astonishing designs that were electrifying. "Inspired by a childhood dream, a desire to understand control and re-create lightning." The impact for her show featured a living sculpture standing in the center of the room with what looked like purple lighting passing through her body.

Miss van Herpen is known for the use of innovational techniques and produced, according to her "the first 3-D printed flexible dresses. These pieces were intricately designed and had a life on their own, making movements on their own independent of the models' bodies. There was a voluminous minidress that was matched with a huge wrap which transformed in a seashell armour. There were wearable dresses in black in layer of slightly see through knitted fabric as well which were delightful.

Iris van Herpen is a fantastic designer who always thinks out of the box. She reminds me a bit of Alexander McQueen but van Herpen's inspirations are always drawn from nature and its organic physiology and from that she produces unique and original creations.
I hope to see more of her work and I am sure those of you in the fashion atmosphere hope as well. She is definitely brilliant and unique.

Iris Van Herpen
Haute Couture
Spring 2013

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