Feb 13, 2013

Number 7 Couture Collection by Bouchra Jarrar for Spring 2013

Bouchra Jarrar shows that she is a French designer that has a unique and incredible point of view. This collection had a real sense of practicality and modern elegance that was sleek, clean and lavishly simple with the Jarrar touch.

She offered coats with military buttons, lapels trimmed in beaver fur, rustic English felts and muted houndstooth were paired with sleek tuxedo pants in midnight blue.
There was an assymetric elements that had a side closure or a sloping collar or a quarter moon of fur flung from one lapel. A a short waisted shearling looked sexy and pretty chic and would make a perfect piece to have in any wardrobe.

Dresses were simple and clean and came in a creamy ivory color. A beautiful tank dress with a scooped back that was slightly off kilter had an impact in it's simplicity.
All in all these clothes have a futuristic allure to them. Jarrar knows herself so well as a designer and she consistently proves that she is someone in demand to make clothes that are parctical in a special modern haute couture kind of way. And there is a demand for that.

Bouchra Jarrar
Haute Couture 
Spring 2013

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